Positive tests are not cases. Never in history has a postive test (by a test that should have never been used to test for an active virus) been considered a "case". A case should be a sick person, yet the verbage has changed since this pandemic began. Hospital beds are not full, less people are dying, yet people are being manipuled into thinking things are getting worse.

Maybe people should start asking better questions...Like: Why are we using a PCR test to find an active, novel virus? When it can not prove either. Why are we using "cases" to moniter how scary this virus is, when cases mean very little? What other illnesses in this country are being ignored because ALL our focus is on CV? Why are people not talking about early treatments and how effective they are? If you use the right verbage you can make an ant appear scary.

And finally, why do liberal minded people NEVER mention NY when talking about CV deaths? NY is run by a democrating governer who is respondible for thousands of deaths, due to him placing sick people into nursing homes. NY has 33,000 deaths, which is 2x Florida's deaths. NY and NJ make up 25% of CV deaths, yet these states are NEVER discussed when talking about disastrous CV results. WHY?

Side note: I am not a Trump supporter, I am just tired of all the cherry picking BS, trying to blame the CV pandemic on one person.

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